Early Learning Preschool Services

Sencond Language

We offer Mandarin language.


Social-Emotional Development:
* Takes care of toilet needs independently
* Learns how to care for own belongings
* Plays with other children
* Shares with others
* Able to stay on task
* Able to work independently and with other children and teachers
Curriculum (18 months - 36 months):
Recognition of letters of the alphabet: uppercase & lowercase
With flashcard, pictures, books, printed traceable letters
Learning about colors, shapes, and sizes
Numbers recognition with flashcards, pictures, books
Cutting, gluing activities and special projects
Special monthly themes
Nursery rhymes and children’s songs, learning about
music and rhythm
Play manipulation games to learn how to
manipulate/move objects around
Age appropriate puzzles
Curriculum (3 years – 4 years):
Alphabet, uppercase and lowercase
Numbers 30-100
Develop writing skills: first name, last name, write
words and word recognition
Cutting, gluing activities and special projects
Special monthly themes
Children’s songs
Age appropriate puzzles and manipulative learning
Curriculum (Pre-K 4 years – 5 years):
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
Development of writing skills (how to write a complete
Curriculum and Services (After-School/Elementary
Our after school program covers transportation and
pickup services to Noble, Toyon, and Summerdale
Elementary Schools located near our Preschool
Homework assistance provided by qualified teachers
Gluing activities/projects/writing and math skills on
days where the children do not have homework
assignments from Elementary Schools
Numbers and Letters of the Alphabet A-Z
* Counts and writes numbers and letters
* Counts objects in one-to-one correspondence
* Understands more and less
Colors, Shapes and Motor Skills
* Recognizes and names all colors
* Recognizes circles, squares, rectangles and other
* Matches shapes or objects based on shape
* Copies and pastes shapes and objects
* Handles scissors well
* Matches simple objects
* Builds with blocks
* Completes puzzles
* Draws and colors
* Controls pencil and crayon well
* Cuts shapes
Reading and Writing Readiness and
* Remembers objects from a given picture
* Learns how to read and write
* Identifies objects that have a functional use
* Knows common farm and zoo animals
* Tells the meaning of words heard in a story
* Learns how to write sentences
* Understands day and night
* Knows age and birthday
* Understands big and little
* Understands long and short
* Matches shapes or objects based on different sizes
* Looks at pictures and tells a story
Position and Direction:
* Understands up and down
* Understands in and out
* Understands front and back
* Understands over (on) and under
* Understands top, bottom, middle
* Understands beside and next to
* Understands hot and cold
* Understands fast and slow
Listening and Sequencing:
* Follows simple directions
* Listens to a short story
* Listens carefully
* Recognizes common sounds
* Repeats a sequence of sounds

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